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RDM Development has made its mark in the Chicago residential market with a diverse array of homes, ranging from cutting-edge high-rise developments to luxurious townhomes and single-family homes. read more

Under Way In Wicker
By David Roeder

Plenty of neighborhood condo developers are doing well enough just to hang on to their land right now. But Robert Mosky, chairman of RDM Development, is able to do better. read more

Developer freezing taxes at '06 values at 1400 Lake Shore Drive
By Joseph Askins

Looks like RDM Development is itching to unload its stock of renovated condominiums at 1400 North Lake Shore Drive. The company, in an attempt to sweeten the pot for potential buyers, has frozen property taxes at 2006 assessed values for a full eight years. read more

RDM has a Vision for Division Street
By Joseph Askins

What you see above isn't a dream or a mirage - it's a Vision! Vision, RDM Development's new condominium project, is located just a stone's throw west of Wicker Park's Polish Triangle. read more

A new vision for Wicker Park - Developer plans 33 condos
By Timothy Inklebarger

The Vision development is expected to include 33 condos, about 9,000 square feet of commercial space and roughly 111 parking spots. read more

History lesson - RDM restores vintage charm while updating Lake Shore landmark
by Sheila Burt

Gutting a 1920s high-rise can be a little like plunging your hand into an elaborate wedding cake. The architectural detail for which the era is celebrated gets destroyed if developers don’t strive to preserve it. read more

RDM adds 'Modern Luxury' to 1400 Lake Shore's art deco charm
by Dan Schuyler

In Chicago's hot real estate market, it seems that only an eternal optimist could search for a newly converted condo priced under $200,000. read more

RDM's Marquette Village big on park, low on price
by Joel Hoglund

For brand-new single-family homes starting in the $280s, we might expect something slapdash sandwiched between railroad lines, but Marquette Village delivers 139 quaint, two-story brick homes located about half a mile from Marquette Park. read more

RDM's Trio embraces street, avoids Ugly Garage Syndrome with creative design
by Dan Schuyler

It is unusual to find a project that changes the tenor of a neighborhood, but RDM Development claims that its latest project, Trio, at 650 W. Wayman St., is about to do just that. read more

Like daughter, like mother
by BILL CUNNIFF | Chicago Sun-Times

Rennetta Stecks was part of the first graduating class at Elk Grove Village High School in 1968. She has lived in the northwest suburb for most of her life. read more

Good as gold
by Dan Schuyler

RDM converts grand Gold Coast tower at 1400 N. Lake Shore to condos
1400 N. Lake Shore RDM Development’s Robert Mosky firmly believes that the secret to success in real estate is to be in a constant state of motion.
read more

Triple threat
by Dan Schuyler

RDM's Trio optimizes location, pricing, design in 1 cool complex. RDM Development’s Robert Mosky always has shied away from becoming a signature developer. read more

Venetian nights
by Dan Schuyler

RDM brings taste of Italy to Old Town in 2nd condo tower The Venetian After RDM Development’s Robert Mosky brought a little bit of Italy to the corner of Clark and Division with the Neapolitan. read more

RDM brings vision to Venetian
by Stephanie Sims

Standing in the center of the nearly complete penthouse at the Neapolitan, his brand new highrise in Old Town, developer Robert Mosky, waves a hand at the inlaid cherry ceiling and plain white walls. read more

Encore in Old Town
by Dan Schuyler

“I love Italian; everything Italian has such a nice flair." So says Robert Mosky, referring to the Neapolitan, the new highrise he built at 1212 N. Wells, in Old Town, with Albert Kocemba, his partner in RDM Development. read more

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